PIX Unleashing Peak Performance – The Game-Changing Duo for Your Industry

In the fast-paced Industrial-application realm, where the relentless demand for energy efficiency and incremental power transmission is paramount, we are delighted to introduce two path-breaking Belt solutions in the avatar of PIX-Terminator® and PIX-Muscle® Belts.

Key application demands:

• High-power transmission capabilities

• Ability to withstand shock loads

• Resistance to high ambient temperatures

• Endurance in harsh working conditions, known for high wear and tear

• Adaptability to space constraints

PIX Belts have been meticulously engineered to meet the demanding requirements of high-power applications. Specifically crafted for exceptional heat and wear resistance, these Belts excel in remote, rugged applications, ensuring robust, maintenance-free performance.

Renowned for their superior quality, durability, and extended service life, PIX Belts handle shock loads due to their outstanding tensile strength and minimal slippage, resulting in enhanced efficiency and longevity. On account of their compelling power and efficiency credentials, the Belts allow the user to achieve significant cost savings through reduced machine form factor as well as benign cost of ownership in the most stringent of applications.

Both these popular, high-end products are available at a relatively short lead time.

PIX-Terminator® (Heavy-duty, Aramid Corded, Wrap Belts)

Designed for heavy-duty, high-power applications enduring excessive wear and tear, PIX-Terminator® Belts are primed for the toughest operational conditions in Crushers, Surface miners, Woodchippers, Ball mills, and similar machinery. These Belts offer superior power transmission capacity compared to standard Belts and exhibit exceptional durability, strength, abrasion, and wear resistance.

Product Features and Benefits:

• Superior power transmission capacity up to 55% more than the standard Belts

• Specially treated outer tough cover fabric reduces sidewall wear rate and offers enhanced flexibility

• Special aramid cord for high tensile strength and minimum elongation

• Designed to exhibit excellent durability, strength, abrasion, and wear resistance

• Superior performance under heavy shock and impulse loads

• Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C

PIX-Muscle® (High-power, Maintenance-free Belts)

PIX-Muscle® Belts are high-power rated, maintenance-free, eco-friendly Belts. Manufactured in compliance with the latest REACH directives and RoHS regulations, the innovative Belt compound design eliminates toxic substance emissions during manufacturing or operation. These Belts excel in adverse conditions like elevated temperatures, UV or ozone exposure, and chemically aggressive environments.

Product Features and Benefits:

• Extremely high-power rating – up to 50% more than standard Belts

• High efficiency up to 98%

• Special cord for maintenance-free operation

• Extended service life and less machine downtime

• Anti-static complies with ISO 1813

• Superior oil and heat resistance

• REACH & RoHS compliant provides an eco-friendly system

• Compatible with back idlers

• Temperature range: -25°C to +100°C

About PIX:

The company produces an extensive range of high-performance V-Belts, Timing Belts, and Poly-V Belts to suit a wide array of Industrial, Agricultural, Automotive, and Recreational applications. This IATF 16949 certified, public limited company features state-of-the-art Belt manufacturing units as well as an ultra-sophisticated, automated Rubber Mixing facility. The global credentials of the Company are evident in its operations in India, Europe, and the Middle East, in addition to over 250 committed Channel Partners in over 100 countries worldwide.

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